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Every week I write a Monday Morning Motivation post. These are posts to inspire and motivate you! They include content sourced from around the world.

These are some of my favourite posts to write. I keep a blogging notebook and jot down details of anything that I see that has inspired me. Many of my posts include videos.

Originally these posts were just about swimmers, runners, cyclists and triathletes. However, I’ve been inspired by a wide range of athletes, so I now include any motivational story that I chance upon.

If you see something that has inspired you to keep fit and healthy, please send me a link!

Monday Morning Motivation: Overland Triathlon

This past summer, four professional triathletes and one amateur national champion set out to show that triathlon can be whatever you want it to be. Gravel, check. Non-standard format, check. Hardcore workout, definite check. Eric Lagerstrom: Professional triathlete and the guy who decided to make this film. Trevor Wurtele: Professional triathlete and husband of Heather Wurtele. Chris Ganter: Professional triathlete...

Monday Morning Motivation: Rachael Arends

Today’s motivation comes courtesy of American runner Rachael Arends. Female victories in mixed-gender events remain rare and are usually limited to extreme endurance events. In 2004 Nature predicted that women would beat men at 100m by 2156. However, the prediction was based on the fact that women’s race times were improving more rapidly than men’s. This was probably down to the restrictions...

Monday Morning Motivation: Rhonrad Dok

This week’s Monday Morning Motivation features a sport that you may not have heard of: Wheel Gymnastics. This (incorrectly labeled) video showcases a group of young Dutch athletes performing some incredible tricks.   Dok Rhönrad team on Instagram If this has inspired you to find out more about this sport, why not visit: Wheel Gymnastics UK What sport would you love...