Monday Morning Motivation: Dave Wottle

Runners on an athletics track. A man in a white cap is narrowly in the lead.

Today’s inspiration comes in the form of American middle-distance runner David Wottle.

This video is from the men’s 800m final at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. It shows Wottle (wearing his signature cap) seemingly coming from the back of the field to win.

Interestingly, although Wottle was known for his sprint finishes, his splits for this race were even. The rest of the pack went out at break-neck speed and slowed before the end, so Wottle appears to speed up.

I think this race is motivational. It shows that sticking to your plan is a good strategy and can lead to a win, even if everybody else looks to be in the lead.

Read more about Dave Wottle:

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