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These posts are about cycling. I love going out for a ride. At the moment, I’ve got 3.5 bikes. The one that gets the most use is my Giant Women’s City Escape, a hybrid that I commute to work on. I have a beautiful Canyon Ultimate CF SLX Dura-Ace Di2 in black and teal for long rides and races. I’ve also got a Giant TCX SLR1 for cyclocross/off-road cycling.

When I commute to work by bike, I usually pull a bike trailer. I’ve actually got three bike trailers, but one of them has been used almost daily since my daughter turned one. It’s a Thule Chariot Lite and my review of it is one of the most-read posts on my blog.

I love going out for long rides at the weekend or on my days off.

Operation fit and healthy: “Try and enjoy it if possible!”

One of the changes that I’ve introduce to my blog this year is the inclusion of some interviews and guest blog posts. My latest guest is the brilliant Liz from Liz has an incredibly positive outlook on life and manages to make the most arduous training session sound like a hilarious party. When I first mentioned to her about...