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My nutrition posts are about food and eating. I do not follow a named diet. I believe in eating healthily. A little of what you fancy does you good! There are some recipes on my blog.

Nutrition is the hardest part of my journey for me. I have tried so many strategies, but sometimes I worry that I will never be slim. Some people may argue that I don’t have a weight problem now, but I still feel that I’m overweight and I’m definitely not of the same athletic build that most of my sporty friends are.

Looking back

In 2014, I wrote:

I need to work out how to balance my diet, because I’m:

  • overweight
  • vegetarian
  • exercising for at least 2 hours every day

In 2014, I’m trying something slightly different: #TWIET – Tweet What I Eat Tuesdays. Every Tuesday I’m trying to tweet photos of everything (and I do mean everything) that I eat. I’m hoping that this will serve several purposes:

  • it will force me to be honest about what I’m eating and hopefully keep me on the straight and narrow
  • show other people that it’s possible to eat a varied and healthy diet as a vegetarian
  • encourage people to give me feedback and suggest alternatives to what I’m currently eating

Please follow me on Twitter (@tamsynsmith) to see what I’m eating.

Unfortunately, I didn’t manage to #TWIET all year – mainly because I felt the need to photograph everything before I ate it, and it became time-consuming.

Weight Watchers

I was a member of Weight Watchers for over 5 years and managed to get to my goal weight, but ended up in a very stressful job and put the weight back on again. Although I ate reasonably healthily when I was on Weight Watchers, I struggled with feeling hungry much of the time as it didn’t allow for the amount of exercise that I do. I quit partway through 2014 as I felt that I was wasting my money. What I did learn at Weight Watchers is that it is easy to forget what you have consumed if you don’t track it (if you are someone who is prone to being overweight).

In 2015, I intended to start tracking what I ate again, and was going to record my progress on Give It 100 but I found it hard to record the required videos (and the service has now been cancelled).

Solent Strength and Nutrition

Eventually, I turned to Sam from Mealo (Formerly Solent Strength + Nutrition) to try to amend my attitude to food and my body. Although I didn’t lose weight, I managed to lose quite a lot of body fat and am refining what I eat. I now eat more than I have ever eaten before and am focused on getting more protein into my diet.

Healthy eating during pregnancy

I was pregnant for most of 2016 and although I tried to eat healthily, I will admit that there were days when I just wanted to eat all of the carbs I could find. However, I only put on 7lbs whilst pregnant and after giving birth was lighter than before I got pregnant!

I’m really excited to be an ambassador for The Athlete’s Palate in 2017.

I’m also in a free ebook from Monster Supplements called Kickstart 2015. It’s got some great recipes and inspirational ideas in it, so I recommend that you check it out.

Are you at risk of Red-S?

For many years, the Female Athlete Triad was a recognised condition characterised by:– energy deficiency with or without disordered eating– menstrual disturbances/amenorrhoea– bone loss/osteoporosis.However, this classification failed to recognise that male athletes (whilst obviously not suffering from amenorrhoea) could also be at risk of this condition. The new name: Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (Red-S) more correctly identifies what the problem is without suggesting that only...