Staying Alive

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This week has been a write-off when it comes to marathon training. I was very busy at work interviewing candidates for four posts and then I ended up becoming ill. I managed a training session on Monday and have spent the rest of the week focusing on staying alive.

Monday night training

I made it out to LRR’s Monday night training, which was an interval session on the Common. I did as well as possible and enjoyed it, but I felt tired afterwards.

Ganger Farm parkrun

On Saturday, I had agreed with others that I would go to Ganger Farm parkrun‘s second event. It’s only 8 miles away, so we didn’t leave early. Stu was looking forward to getting a 2 for his Wilson Index.

M had asked whether we could walk this one, which sounded like a good idea as I was feeling tired before we even started.

We ended up walking around with a lovely parkwalker called John. Although that’s not strictly true – on the final lap, M decided that I was too slow and she decided to run the last section with Stu. They finished about 2.5 minutes ahead of me.

Tamsyn's results email from Ganger Farm parkrun #2. My time was 57:39.

After I received my results, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had completed the Staying Alive challenge whereby you have to complete three parkruns beginning with B and three parkrun beginning with G (like the BeeGees). I had already completed: Basingstoke, Brockenhurst, Bournemouth, Guildford and Great Salterns.

If you need a laugh, have a look at Me running vs me running in race photos

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