Reverse duathlon in the Forest

LRR group photo at Brockenhurst parkrun

A few weeks ago as part of my marathon training, I ran out to Brockenhurst parkrun. It was a hot run and I don’t especially like running along the main road (does anyone?!) I also prefer to run with company. It’s a good mental challenge to do a long run on my own every once in a while.

Mob match at Brockenhurst parkrun

Today I needed to go to Brockenhurst parkrun as Ben had organised a mob match against New Forest Runners, so I decided that it would be fun to cycle there. (It’s just over 13 miles from my house). Stu and Emily agreed to come along, despite the fact that I asked for a 7:30am start (I’m still a little hesitant on my new bike). The plan was to cycle 21k, run 5k and then cycle 21k… with some untimed transitions between.

It was a lovely ride out to Brockenhurst, although there are already signs that we’re moving towards the end of summer, as there was a definite chill in the air, and I needed to wear arm warmers. We arrived at Brock parkrun quite early, which was a relief… last week, Gary, Stu and I went open water swimming at Eastleigh before cycling back to Southampton parkrun. Unfortunately, we didn’t allow quite enough time and I was still changing shoes as everyone was lining up to start. At Brockenhurst, I had time to change from my cycling clothes and lock my bike up as well as chatting before the start.

New Forest Runners vs. LRR mob match at Brockenhurst parkrun

There was even time for Kevin to organise a group photo. Richard won’t be quitting his day job to become a professional photographer! Stu and I decided to rock the parkrun club tees instead of LRR ones.

How did I do?

Some of the other LRR ladies asked what pace I intended to run at. My honest answer was that I simply wanted to finish, as my glutes and calves were very tight. I started out quite slowly but was pleased that I wasn’t too far off 5:30/km. In the third lap, Stu remembered that he said he’d run with me, so he joined me. I started to feel better by the final lap, and although it was significantly faster, it actually felt easier!

Brockenhurst parkrun details

I was also quite pleased that despite feeling heavy-legged, my cadence wasn’t too bad.

After changing back into my cycling clothes, a group of us headed into Brockenhurst for some drinks. Emily, Stu and I then cycled back to Southampton. I felt much more confident by the time I had finished cycling. I am now looking forward to the Garmin Sharp Ride Out in September.


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  1. Pretty tidy 5k splits, Tamsyn, especially after that long a cycle. You look like you’re back on the path to parkrun PB’s! Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

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