Bournemouth parkrun

16 Aug

This morning, Donna and I went down to Boscombe to watch some clubmates taking part in the VOTwo Salty Sea Dog triathlon. The water looked a bit choppy and at 7am the air temperature was fairly cool.

Two events were taking place – a sprint race and a super sprint.

© Donna Lovelock

© Donna Lovelock

After we saw our club mates exit the water, we stopped to support the slower swimmers coming into T1, before heading over to watch people on the two-lap bike course.


Paul at the end of the bike section.

IMG_6111 IMG_6112 IMG_6113 IMG_6114IMG_6111


Mark heading towards T2

IMG_6122 IMG_6123 IMG_6127 IMG_6128 IMG_6129 IMG_6130


Halfway through the run, Mark had managed to take the lead.

After our colleagues had finished, Donna and I cycled back up to Bournemouth parkrun. My feet are still feeling a little bruised from Dublin, and I wasn’t sure that I had recovered, so I was aiming for a time of 26-30 minutes, although I wasn’t sure whether even that would be possible. I knew that I had a tough swim coming up later in the day, so I decided that I wouldn’t push too hard and if my breathing became laboured then I would slow down.

The last time that I did Bournemouth parkrun was in October 2013, when I managed 27:31… however, when I started the run, I had no idea of what my previous time was.

Donna and I both started at the back of the pack, which was probably a mistake – somewhere in the middle would have been more appropriate. We both set off fairly quickly and I decided to stick with Donna for as long as possible.

The course wasn’t exactly the same as I remembered: it’s a lap of the field and then two laps that go on a short trail section and out along past the athletics track.

I managed to stay with Donna for nearly 2.5km, but it was much warmer than I had expected and my breathing had started to be affected. I kept going and was pleasantly surprised to find that I finished in just over 26 minutes, so a course PB!

Bournemouth parkrun Aug 2015

Donna also got a new Bournemouth parkrun PB, which is great.

My run splits were not very even:

  1. 4:54
  2. 4:56
  3. 5:26
  4. 5:09
  5. 5:26
  6. 4:42

…but it was nice to find that my legs will still allow me to run faster than 6:30/km! I was also in teh top 50% of finshers as 396 runners completed the event.

2 Responses to “Bournemouth parkrun”

  1. theblogrunner 16/08/2015 at 7:36 pm #

    Congratulations on the PB! 🙂

    • tamsynsmith 16/08/2015 at 9:59 pm #

      Thank you – it’s a bit of a cheat really parkrun describes it as a PB, but it’s really just a course PB – my 5k PB is over a minute faster… but it was still nice to know that my half ironman hadn’t killed my legs!

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