Two Sunday swims and a Monday swim

Tamsyn by a swimming pool with the text 'Two Sunday swims and a Monday swim'.

For two Sundays in a row, I’ve been to The Quays in Southampton. It’s convenient as my university gym membership allows me to swim there for free and parking is free before midday on Sundays. Another bonus is that there is a fun pool, so Stu can swim with M whilst I’m training.

Tamsyn smiling whilst wearing a black swimming costume with a silver and green halterneck.

I’ve been trying to make sure that I have a lunch break at work. I’m very busy at the moment, and there are quite a lot of days where it just doesn’t pan out and I work through my break.

My colleague, Sarah, currently has a foot injury, so I persuaded her to join me for a swim on Monday. I didn’t swim as far as I had intended to as I bumped into a friend I hadn’t seen for a long time in the pool, but it was good to get another swim in.

I can’t believe that Swimathon is so soon. Have you entered yet?

Memento of cycling across Japan

I often look back at things I’ve done in life that would be near impossible now I’m a parent. One of those things is the epic cycle across Japan that I did with Jez and Stu in 2015. I’m frequently reminded of it because I have a huge picture from the bike ride wallpapered onto my kitchen wall. This week, Jez gave Stu and I a present – a funky mug that he had made to reflect on the event.

A mug with a drawing of Tamsyn riding her bike.
A mug with Japanese kanji on it and a picture fo Jez riding his bike.

Understanding Money: the history of finance, speculation and the stock market

I don’t post a lot about my job on this blog because it’s not relevant to health, fitness and triathlon… but I love what I do. My latest project has been project managing (and doing the learning design for) a new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on money and how it has been represented in literature and culture.

I have a ‘starring’ role in this video about 15 seconds in!

If you want to find out more, please visit the course homepage on FutureLearn.

Come on, Strava! Get the month right!

Strava summary saying 7 active days in January.
I’m confused about why Strava has labelled this as January!


What have I been reading?

  • Saysky Running Track Etiquette
  • Major Taylor, World Champion cyclist
  • RunBet – I love the idea of this website. It’s perfect for someone who is as competitive as me. I’m not entering any games at the moment as my schedule is hampered by M. As soon as I’m regularly getting out of the house in the evening, I’ll be signing up.
  • My sister sent me 10 ebooks for my birthday. I’ve now downloaded them all, so don’t be surprised if you see reviews of them over the next few months.
Palisades Park novel.
Running Man by Charlie Engle novel.

How’s your week been? How’s your training going?

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