Monday Morning Motivation: Tom Scheer

Man Standing next to a sign about the 40th anniversary of Ironman.

Tom Scheer is an American who once tipped the scales at 350lbs (over 25 stone/nearly 160kg). On January 1st 2006, he set himself the goal of completing all of the Ironman triathlons in North America and racing in Kona.

Scheer completed his first Ironman in Wisconsin in 2007. He qualified for Kona under the Ironman Legacy Program, having completed at least 12 full-distance Ironman-branded races. (Before Kona, Scheer had completed 12 Ironman races; finished another 8 just after the cut-off and DNF’d another 4).

Scheer’s goal for Kona was to finish in under 16:59… spoiler alert – he smashed it! Scheer’s finish time was 15:50:26.

To me, Tom Scheer is inspirational because he never gave up on pursuing his dream of being an Ironman Kona finisher.

Who’s inspired you this week? 

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