A swim, two runs and a conference

People taking notes in a conference setting.

What another crazy week. There was a lot that I needed to get done, around preparing for a conference presentation, but I was determined to fit some exercise in.

I swam on Monday. I decided to swim 1250m, as that’s half of the distance that I need to do for Swimathon. It felt quite challenging, at the time, but I felt revitalised when I returned to my office.

On Tuesday, I ran with some work colleagues. We went out on Southampton Common, which is one of my favourite places to run.

Wednesday was a rest day. I had lunch with a friend, but we wanted to do something healthy so we went for a walk on campus. If you’ve never visited University of Southampton, the grounds are very pretty.

Thursday and Friday were busy. I presented at the eLearning Symposium on Friday, so Thursday afternoon was spent practising with my co-presenter. It was a really interesting conference, but involved working on my usual day off, so I didn’t have as much time to exercise and blog as usual.

My friend (and fellow Run Director) Kate was back to parkrunning on Saturday. Unfortunately, Kate suffered a serious hand injury a few weeks ago, so she’s not been able to run. We agreed to start at the back and take it easy. Given our plans, I’m quite pleased with how well we did:

Tamsyn's result from Southampton parkrun #345 on 26th January 2019: 33:43.

How was your week?

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