Back to being ‘Productive’

Close up of a stopwatch

My Garmin has been making me feel guilty recently by telling me that I’ve been unproductive or detraining. I wanted to be back to being productive.


Veri Ivanova

After a rare night out on Friday, I really didn’t want to get up on Saturday morning. (By rare, I mean the first time that Stuart and I have gone out since I had Baby M!)

Stuart, M and I arrived early enough at parkrun for us both to chat with friends. I was quite grateful that I didn’t have to run with M, but I wasn’t feeling up to doing a hard run.

As usual, the start was fairly slow because of the size of the crowd. I spotted a friend up ahead and managed to weave through a couple of people to catch up with Nat.

It was really nice to be able to run with someone. We had a bit of a chat (but not too much as I’m not fit enough to run and chat at the moment). Thanks, Nat, for keeping me going 🙂

Southampton parkrun 26 August 2017

After the run, Stu and I were supposed to be rushing over to Riverside Park. We were going to take part in a Brooks 5km run. I knew we wouldn’t make the start of the race, so we just had a leisurely cuppa with friends. After checking my Garmin, I was delighted to see that I’ve finally got my Training Status back up to ‘Productive’ again.

Did you parkrun this weekend or do something else that was productive?

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