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Selfie of Tamsyn in Zoot tri suit

When I was younger, Millets was synonymous with camping, however, their range of products has significantly expanded in recent years and Millet Sports now sell a great range of kit for running and triathlon. I’ve recently been investigating the triathlon clothing range sold by Millets. They stock a range of brands, including 2XU, Aquasphere, Skins, Zoot, Orca and Zone3. There are items of clothing for men, women and children. I was also interested to see that they stock kit specifically designed for Swimrun events.

Bold designs by Zoot

I love ‘jazzy’ clothing designs, so I was particularly struck by the stylish Zoot wetsuits. It’s really hard to distinguish between competitors in triathlons and open water swimming events because they all have on black wetsuits and usually a single colour event hat. The Zoot wetsuits have bold designs on them that would make it easier for spectators to pick out specific competitors.

I decided to try a two-piece Zoot trisuit as I find them more useful than one-piece tri suits.

Zoot tri suit Zoot trisuit 2

This is the Zoot Ultra Tri racerback women’s tri top:

Zoot tri top 2

I love the chevron design of this top – it’s really eye-catching. It’s not easy to see from the photos, but the colours are really attractive.

What do I think of the Zoot trisuit top?

Unlike other tri tanks that I’ve worn, this one has a zip at the front, which could be useful in extremely hot weather. It does not have a built-in shelf bra, which is good news for fuller-figured ladies who prefer to wear their own sports bra/crop top.

Selfie of Tamsyn in Zoot tri suit

Apparently, the fabric is a special carbon mix that helps to reduce heat build-up. Unfortunately, the British summer weather was not obliging, so I can’t say how it would feel in hot weather. (I wouldn’t normally wear a base layer under a tri tank, but it was cold and wet when I was going out cycling!) The top was comfortable and definitely was moisture-wicking. It is also described as ‘UPF 50+ sun protection’, which would be great for anyone doing a long-course triathlon, although you may need to pair it with sleeves or something like DeSoto cool wings to prevent your shoulders from burning.

Zoot tri top 3

I found there was plenty of storage in this top with five pockets across the back. The centre pocket is quite large, whilst the pockets on either side of it are deep but narrow.

The top has a dropped back hem, which helps to ensure that your back remains covered whilst cycling. There are also some reflective details on the top, including around the zip on the front.

Zoot Tri shorts

These are the Zoot Ultra Tri 6″ women’s triathlon shorts:

Zoot tri shorts 3 Zoot tri shorts 2

The length of these shorts will suit most women, although the leg holes are perhaps a little tight for some people. I was surprised by how flattering they were on my chubby legs! The shorts have a compression fit, which feels supportive and comfortable.

For many people, the chamois will be the most important part. It is plush but not too thick. I hate shorts with too much padding. There is also some lining so that the shorts will not go see-through. The shorts are made of ‘coldblack’ fabric, which reflects UV to help keep you cool. They also have anti-friction panels, which should eliminate chafing.

There are 4 pockets on the shorts so that you can carry energy gels etc. I didn’t make use of these on my bike ride. Like the top, there are reflective panels and the shorts offer sun protection.

Tamsyn wearing Zoot trisuit

I wore the shorts and tank several times, including for a long bike ride with a friend. They were incredibly comfortable and think that the design would stand out well in a race.

I haven’t got any photos of me wearing the kit on my bike, but I did manage to get some photos of the cute birds that ate the crumbs from my cake stop!

Cycling kit on an outdoor tableBirds eating crumbs from a plate Small bird on a cake fork

What’s your favourite brand of trisuit? Do you prefer a one-piece or separates?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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