Cold and slow

Chapel at Royal Victoria Country Park

I’ve succumbed to the lurgy and have had a heavy cold for a couple of days, which is incredibly frustrating. It has affected my sleep and makes me want to just hibernate. This morning, Stu ran to Royal Victoria Country Park and I drove to meet him there. We’d chosen to go to Netley Abbey parkrun as it was our friend Dave’s 250th parkrun.

Arriving at Netley Abbey parkrun

When I arrived, I set up M’s running buggy and then went over to congratulate Dave for reaching his milestone. He was chatting to one of my running heroes, Iwan Thomas. Iwan was there with his adorable French bulldog, Frank… I was so tempted to take a photo because he is the cutest pup (and Iwan’s not too bad either!)

Stu was feeling achy when he got there as 12km is the furthest he’s run since he was doing Ironman training last year. He said he would look after M and I could run. I wasn’t wearing what I would usually wear to run in, but as the temperature was -4ºC (39ºF) when I left home, it was probably just as well that I had some extra layers on.

As I wasn’t feeling well, I agreed that I would join Kim and Vicky for a social run. Kim was looking very glamorous all in black, and she was sensibly wearing sunglasses. I hadn’t thought about wearing mine and was blinded for half of the run.

It was a route that I’d not run on before, so perhaps my result could be considered a PB, but I know it was slower than I would usually do.

Tamsyn running at Netley Abbey parkrunKim, Vicky and Tamsyn running at Netley Abbey parkrunTrying out my new running tights at Netley Abbey parkrun

My new running kit

I’ve been feeling jealous of all of the beautiful leggings on Instagram recently, so I splashed out at Decathlon this week. I had a £5 voucher to be used by the end of the month. I went in for a browse and after spending a further £8, I came out with some very jazzy leggings. For the price, I was impressed with the quality. They are quite thick and have a lovely flat waistband that is quite high. My only gripe is that they are designed for people who are taller than me, so they are quite long. Perhaps I could have worn a smaller size as they started falling down. However, if I had worn a smaller size, I think they would have stretched too much and the white lining would have shown.Tamsyn running at Netley Abbey parkrunTamsyn running at Netley Abbey parkrunTamsyn running at Netley Abbey parkrunTamsyn running at Netley Abbey parkrunTamsyn running at Netley Abbey parkrun

Tomorrow, I had been hoping for a lie in. However, we’re marshalling at the CC6, so there’s no rest for the wicked. I’m then scheduled to go out for a short run with Lou. I think I should see how I’m feeling. At least I’ll have a lie in on Monday when everyone else is heading off to work!

How are you getting your fitness fix this weekend?


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  1. Ridin’, baby! Well, to answer your question, I rode today and I’ll head out again tomorrow. It’s wet, but in January I’m not going to complain!

  2. So hope you are feeling better!!! So much sickness going around this time of year. Our house hase been hit hard. Love your new leggings. They brighten up those grey days!

    • It just won’t go away 🙁 I was going to walk to a mother and baby group today (3 miles each way), but am going to drive instead, as I’m hoping I’ll be well enough to do a long run.

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