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Tamsyn at parkrun 30th July

After last weekend’s Thunder Run, I intended to take this week easy, but looking back, I’ve perhaps not been as lazy as I’d intended!

On Monday evening, I did my usual swimming session with Southampton Tri Club. I liked the set and really enjoyed it… but I wish that my swimming lane hadn’t been moved to the side of the pool nearest the changing rooms as the fug of aerosol deodorants can make it really hard for me to breathe. On Monday night, the doors were propped open, and I ended up having to rest a few times and use my inhaler 🙁

It was the Lordshill Road Runners Magic Mile on Tuesday evening. I knew I wouldn’t be as quick as last month as my legs were tired from Thunder Run, but I was pleased with my result:

Lordshill Magic Mile July 2016

I managed 8:42 last month, so I was just 9 seconds slower 🙂

On Thursday I went for a lovely lunchtime run with my colleague, Sarah. I suggested that we take a side path, that we had tried previously. Last time it was muddy, so I thought the sunshine would mean that the route would be ‘safe’ this time. What I hadn’t thought of was the growth of brambles and nettles, so after a few hundred metres, we had to turn back. The rest of our run was uneventful. It was very humid and we were enjoying a chat, so I can’t say it was a quick run, but it was good to get out and get some fresh air during the working week.

Yesterday, I went to parkrun. It was a special event at Southampton as we knew that the 45th runner would be the 100 000th finisher at Southampton. Southampton Daily Echo sent a reporter to cover the event and I appeared in their photo gallery:

Southampton parkrun 30th July 2017
Southampton parkrun 30th July 2017 © Southampton Daily Echo

I had agreed to meet up with my friend Carmen. We haven’t seen each other for a while, so decided to have a chatty social run. The sun wasn’t shining, but it was a very warm day, so we didn’t go as quickly as we’d hoped. After we’d finished running, Inez took some photos:

Tamsyn and Carmen parkrun 30th July
Posing with Carmen – my face shows how warm I thought it was!

After Carmen had to dash off, I had a great chat with Inez and Ellie, and Inez persuaded us to pose for some more photos:

Tamsyn at parkrun 30th July
Inez wanted a photo that shows off my 29 week baby belly, so here it is!

Tamsyn and Ellie parkrun 30th July

Ellie and Tamsyn parkrun 30th July
Ellie and Tamsyn parkrun 30th July

I then went to the Hawthorns Cafe for a post-parkrun drink with Ellie and Di. Whilst we were there, Rob the Run Director asked me if I could have a look at the kit with him. Unfortunately, the data wouldn’t download from the stopwatch. We spent until midday battling with the stopwatches and the Event Director, John, had to come back and collect the kit. In the end, John and his wife Rachel had to manually enter the data for over 600 runners, which must have taken hours.

My official result was:

parkrun result 30th July 2016
parkrun result 30th July 2016

However, I’m confident that Carmen and I completed the run in 31:28.

How has your week been?



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