Monday Morning Motivation: Candace Hill

Candace Hill

It’s a few months old now, but this video shows why Candace Hill is one to watch for the future:

Candace turned 17 just a couple of weeks ago. In June 2015, she became the first high school-aged female to break the 11-second barrier for 100 metres on the track. This result (and her great performance at 200m the following month) mean that she now holds the world youth best times for 100m and 200m. It’s also sobering to think that her time of 10.98 would have been fast enough to win the gold medal at every Olympics prior to 1984!

In December 2015, Candace turned professional with a 10-year contract with Asics. She’s still studying hard and maintaining a 4.9 GPA (impressively high!)

Candace Hill
© Steve Strother/ MyTrackPix

Candace only started running competitively 4 years ago. This is one of the many reasons why her current form is so impressive. To read more about her story, read this article:

16-Year-Old Sprints Right Into Professional Track

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