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Close up of my business card

OK, so I’ve been blogging for three years now,Β  I’ve won two national awards and I’m just about to go to my first blogging conference, so I thought I’d better get professional and get some business cards.

I spoke with the lovely people at Aura Print who mocked up some fantastic samples. (As someone who studied graphic design, I’d previously tried to create my own, but these ones were much better!) I chose to go with the ‘Impakt coloured core’ cards as they seem so striking. Each card is made of three layers, so the middle layer is a bright colour that can be seen on the sides.

Creating business cards can seem a daunting task as there are so many different options:

  • What text should I include? (and what should I leave off?)
  • What colour scheme should I use?
  • Should I include a photo?
  • How heavyweight and luxurious should my cards be?

I did a bit of online stalking to try to find out what other bloggers have on their business cards. I saw some beautiful examples, but most of them were by fashion bloggers, so in the end, I had to wing it a bit!

Anyway, I confirmed my order with James at Aura Print and then just had to wait for a few days for my order to arrive. When it did, I was really impressed by the team’s attention to detail:

Don't you wish your business cards were sexy like me?
There was a witty sticker on the top of the box: ‘Don’t you wish your business cards were sexy like me?’

When I lifted the lid from the box, I was greeted by pink tissue paper – it was like receiving a set of luxurious toiletries and made me feel that my business cards were going to be special.

Opening the box
Opening the box

Nestled in the box were three large packs of cards.

First glimpse of my business cards
First glimpse of my business cards

Close up of my business card

Don’t they look fantastic?

When I studied graphic design, we were told that good design was all about “crap”:

  • C – Contrast
  • R – Repetition
  • A – Alignment
  • P – Proximity

I definitely think these business cards fulfil that brief as the text is beautifully grouped together and the font looks stylish and modern. They’re easy to read and uncluttered (unlike my previous attempt). I’m also really impressed the thickness and quality of the cards. There’s a lovely sheen to the image, but they’re not too glossy. Thanks to Aura Print for providing me with some great business cards – if you’re after something a bit different, I’d definitely recommend them.

What do you think? Is there anything that you would have included/left off?

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  1. Love them. I think you have all the right ingredients on them.
    Never been to a blogging conference but hope to one day. I think it would be fun if a few of the bloggers you followed were at the same one.
    Have fun,!

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen an attendee list for this conference, which is such a shame – I’d love to know who will be there. I suspect that more of them will be fashion and beauty bloggers, but am keeping my fingers rossed that there will be a few people who blog about health and fitness. There’s a yoga class on Sunday morning, so if I haven’t worked it out by then I may be able to guess by who’s there looking beautiful and who’s there looking to have a work out! πŸ˜‰

      • Do you think you could ask for one or will they post one somewhere? Perhaps the unknown though is good and you can’t to meet new people. Maybe someone who writes about fashion/beauty will inspire you in another way. I typically get inspired by groups talking.
        Have fun in the yoga class. πŸ™‚

        • It was all so inspirational – I didn’t meet anyone with a blog that was about healthy and fitness, but I have made some great new friends and found loads of blogs that I want to read as well as learning so much… plus the yoga class reminded me of how much I love doing yoga (although I’ll never love downward dog!), so I think I’m going to try to ensure that I go to yoga at least once a week or do a home practice πŸ™‚

          • I find home practice hard because I don’t stay tuned in. I like going to a studio because they keep me in check so to speak. πŸ™‚

            Happy you made some new friends. Always good to step outside of our comfort zones.

  2. I love how your card came out!! Good choice with putting your photo on there. I love the icons you used with your blog name. Have fun at the conference!

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