Marathon training long run

Bottle of rose wine - not the best preparation for a long run

Today’s long run was 26.31km – that’s about 16.5 miles. I left home at 8am and jogged to meet Pete at 8:15am. We then ran up to the top of The Common to meet Irene before heading over to Lordswood. The original plan was to meet Kirsty. She had consumed a little too much ‘pink wine’ at a wedding reception and was unable to join us for the long run. We met Alice and journeyed into Lordswood. From there the route was a little convoluted, as Alice wanted to do a 10-mile training run and none of us wanted to do too many hills.

After a couple of hours, Irene had to head home, and Pete’s foot injury started to play up, so I went back towards Lordswood with Alice before running home.

There was just enough time after getting home to shower and prepare food before friends arrived for a bbq. However, I had to leave part way through the bbq for my swimming lesson.

Stock image of a barbeque

Today’s swimming lesson focussed on backstroke (without and with arms), front crawl and a tiny bit of breaststroke. There were only three of us in the group: one of the older ladies from last week and a young guy who was new. He seems quite good; the older lady is less good. Chris didn’t suggest many amendments to my strokes today, so I think I will definitely move to swimfit at the end of this course.

How’s your training going?

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