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Every week I write a Monday Morning Motivation post. These are posts to inspire and motivate you! They include content sourced from around the world.

These are some of my favourite posts to write. I keep a blogging notebook and jot down details of anything that I see that has inspired me. Many of my posts include videos.

Originally these posts were just about swimmers, runners, cyclists and triathletes. However, I’ve been inspired by a wide range of athletes, so I now include any motivational story that I chance upon.

If you see something that has inspired you to keep fit and healthy, please send me a link!

Monday Morning Motivation – We are the superhumans

I absolutely love We are the superhumans, the advert for the Paralympics. I’m also impressed that it doesn’t only feature British athletes. Here’s a list of the featured athletes: Hannah Cockcroft – ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Racer (00:32). Mel Nicholls – ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Racer (00:34). Joren Teeuwen – Netherlands Paralympics High Jumper (00:37). Matt Stutzman – USParalympics Archer (00:49). ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Rugby Team...