Monday Morning Motivation – We are the superhumans

We are the superhumans - Paralympic games poster

I absolutely love We are the superhumans, the advert for the Paralympics.

I’m also impressed that it doesn’t only feature British athletes. Here’s a list of the featured athletes:

  • Hannah Cockcroft – ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Racer (00:32).
  • Mel Nicholls – ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Racer (00:34).
  • Joren Teeuwen – Netherlands Paralympics High Jumper (00:37).
  • Matt Stutzman – USParalympics Archer (00:49).
  • ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Rugby Team (1:00 & 2:24).
  • Iaroslav Semenenko – Ukrainian Paralympic Swimmer – (1:26).
  • Richard Whitehead – ParalympicsGB Athlete (1:27 & 2:09).
  • ParalympicsGB Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Team (1:32).
  • Piers Gilliver and Dimitri Coutya – ParalympicsGB Fencers (1.35 & 2:11).
  • Ellie Simmonds – ParalympicsGB Swimmer (1:54).
  • Libby Clegg – ParalympicsGB Sprinter (1:55).
  • Sam Ruddock – ParalympicsGB Shot Put (1:56).
  • Jody Cundy – Paralympics GB Cyclist (1:57).
  • David Weir – ParalympicsGB Wheelchair Racer (1:57).
  • Will Bayley and Kim Daybell – ParalympicsGB Table Tennis (2:07).
  • Jessica Jane Applegate – ParalympicsGB Swimmer (2:10).
  • Ali Jawad – ParalympicsGB Powerlifter (2:11).
  • Natalie Blake – ParalmypicsGB Powerlifter (2:11).
  • Micky Yule – ParalympicsGB Powerlifter (2:12).
  • Chris Skelley and Jack Hodgson – ParalympicsGB Judokas (2.30).

Advert transcript:

Yes, I can, suddenly.
Yes, I can.
“Gee, I’m afraid to go on”
Has turned into, “Yes, I can!”
Take a look, what do you see?
133 lbs of confidence, me.
Got the feeling I can do anything.
Yes, I can!
Something that sings in my blood
Is telling me
Yes, I can!
I was born today.
I can go all the way.
Yes I can (x14)
Hey! Yes, I can!
No. You can’t.
Yes, I can!
Are you ready?
I can climb Everest.
Yes, I can.
I can fight here all night
And never rest.
Yes, I can.
I was born today.
I can go all the way.

Are you looking forward to the Olympics and Paralympics? What are you most looking forward to?

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