Don’t nip across in front of buggy runners!

Baby M before Buggy Mums at Weston Shore

It was another run at Southampton parkrun for me again today. It was nice to be back at parkrun after missing it last week. However, the weather was a bit muggy for running.

Stu and I have agreed that we’ll take it in turns to run down to Southampton parkrun. This will allow us to get a longer run in. It was his turn this week. I was impressed that he managed to run down to start on time and also did a bit of a run afterwards to complete 10 miles.

Watch out for buggy runners – don’t ‘nip across’ them!

I started somewhere middle of the pack with M, so it was a slow start. I was a little frustrated by the actions of someone of my fellow parkrunners. A boy who was about 12 years old managed to get on one side of me; his mother was on my other side. She kept urging him to ‘just nip across’ in front of me. If you see someone running with a buggy, pease don’t be tempted to do that. It’s really hard to brake in time, so you’re risking injuring yourself and the little passenger.

Halfway around, I caught up with my friend Caro, so we ran the rest of the run together. Well, until the final gravel path, where Caro did a glorious sprint finish.

How did I do?

Overall, my time wasn’t too bad: 34:14. My goal is to get my solo run time down to under 30 minutes and then I’ll see whether I can get back to that with a buggy.

Tamsyn's result from Southampton parkrun #363 on June 8th 2019: 34:14. This was Tamsyn's 294th parkrun.

Did you parkrun today? How was it?

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