Feeling positive about my training

Image of Tamsyn running with text saying 'Feeling positive about my training' superimposed on it.

I’m feeling positive and inspired now that I’ve entered Castle to Coast. My Strava stats for May show that I’m really getting back on track. This was really helped by taking part in RunFestRun.

Strava stats image. 9 active days in May. Total distance: 159km. Total time: 10h 50m. Total elevation: 1013m. 3 new PRs.


Couple wearing RunFestRun t-shirts in front of a waterfall.
Posing for a quick pic by the waterfall.

I’ve written a whole post about RunFestRun, but the summary is this:

  • 2x5km with M in her buggy
  • 1x5km
  • 10km

25km is significantly more than I’ve run in a 48 hour period for a long time!


I didn’t manage to get to swimming before work on Monday because my mum had stayed over. I didn’t mind as I was tired and needed to catch up on my sleep.

At lunchtime on Monday, I went swimming with Sarah. I found it really hard to push myself to do more than 100m at a time. I think it was because I was quite tired after the festival. Eventually, I managed to do 1000m.


I went to a spinning class on Tuesday. I’d forgotten how much I love spinning. Having the right teacher and the right tracks makes a huge difference.

I’m also still cycling to work almost every day. It’s tough with 35kg of trailer, toddler and bags to tow, especially when my legs are tired. It’s probably some of my toughest training. The running commentary that I get isn’t always motivational, but it’s usually quite funny. “Put your bottom on the seat, Mummy! Go faster, Mummy! Faster, faster, faster!” My favourite was when I was signalling to turn right and my own words came back to haunt me. “Hold on with two hands, Mummy! Two hands!”

On Sunday, I’ve arranged to join Teri and a group of others to cycle 100km. It’ll be my longest ride for a very long time, so I hope I don’t hold anyone up. However, I’m feeling positive that I can do the distance.


On Monday, Lordshill Road Runners had a ‘recalibration time trial’ to ensure that runners are in the right groups. It was a muggy evening and my legs were tired, so I did no better than expected. The positive is that I now have a benchmark to work from.

A woman wearing vibrant leggings running towards the camera and smiling showing that she's feeling positive.
© Lois Elliott
A woman wearing vibrant leggings running towards the camera and smiling.
© Lois Elliott

Do you like time trials? I always find them hard (whether cycling or running) as I’m usually one of the first starters and I know that I do better when I have someone to chase down. (By the time someone passes me, I’ve lost motivation).

I didn’t train on Wednesday evening because there was an RR10 cross country race. I used to love them, but I think I would find them demotivating whilst I’m so slow. Also attending one would take me out for too much of the evening and I had a lot of blogging to catch up with!


I planned to do yoga on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The teacher on Wednesday was different from the one last week and she had a very different style. That’s what I like about yoga – each teacher brings something of their own to it, but the poses stay the same. I left feeling positive and relaxed. My hips are definitely looser… however, I still need to book a massage as my muscles are generally very tight.

I was hoping to do yoga again on Thursday, but unfortunately, a meeting overran and I wasn’t able to get there in time, so I spent some time blogging instead. Lucky you!

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