Easter exercise and a health check

Close up of Easter mini eggs

Happy Easter! It’s been a great Easter weekend for me so far with a health check and some running.

Health Check

I was scheduled for an over 40 female health check at the gym on Friday morning. I arrived early and was greeted at reception before heading to a private room.

First, I had to give my height and weight. I know my height, whereas I could only estimate my weight. I didn’t do too badly – I estimated 1kg lighter than I am. Next, my body stat measurements were taken. This involved sticking a couple of electrodes on my foot and a couple more on my hand. It measured my body fat percentage and water percentage, so it was then possible to calculate my fat weight, my lean weight, my base metabolic rate and my estimated average metabolic rate. I was slightly dehydrated, which was probably because I’d been in a rush in the morning and not drunk as much water as usual, but that’s definitely something I need to keep an eye on. My BMI was 24.3, which is just inside the healthy range, but BMI is an inaccurate measurement anyway, in my opinion.

The bad news was that my fat percentage was 33.7%, which is horrendous.

Image illustrating female body fat percentages

This is something that I definitely intend to tackle.

Run with Rachel

After my fitness test, I went out for a run with my friend Rachel. As usual, we did around 5km on the Common.

Running and chatting with a friend is my favourite form of stress-relief.

Southampton parkrun

On Saturday morning, I went to Southampton parkrun. I didn’t have a fast run, but it was certainly a fun one.

Southampton parkrun 31/03/18

Have you done anything special during the Easter weekend?

I'd love to hear your thoughts...

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