Salisbury 10 mile

As I’m not supposed to be racing, but am still allowed to run, I figured that I’d better take it easy at Salisbury. Pete had offered me a lift and I was grateful to take him up on his offer, but I felt a little sad as we ran most of the race together last year and I’d got a PB and I knew that wasn’t a possibility this year.

We managed to find a parking space near to the race HQ and went over to register. As usual, it was very efficient, so I quickly collected my number and my race t-shirt. Fluorescent green seems to be the fashionable colour for race t-shirts this year!

It was quite a chilly morning, so I had on tracksuit trousers and a hoodie over my club t-shirt and shorts. After queuing for the loos, Pete and I headed back to his car to drop off bags and extra kit. Pete had put his sunglasses in the car, but the fog on the way over meant that he didn’t feel that he needed them. The temperature on race day for this event has been variable, but on a couple of occasions, it has been so hot that they have run out of water at the aid stations 🙁

After chatting to a few friends, Pete and I headed over to the track where the race starts. I positioned myself somewhere near the back in the hope that I wouldn’t get carried away with enthusiasm. Pete was on one side of me and Luana was on the other.

My finishing time was 1:32:13, which I thought was a pretty dismal time, but at least I finished the race and felt fine afterwards 🙂 I looked up my 10 mile race times and admittedly some of them were off-road, but I learned that it was my 6th fastest 10 mile time, out of 14 races! It was also the 3rd fastest/slowest out of my 5 attempts at this particular race. Despite my slow time, I was 56/92 in my age category and 545/723 overall.

Salisbury 10 mile race 2016
Salisbury 10 mile race 2016

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