Are you ready to get some winter miles in?

Person cycling in a snowy forest

I’ve only got one event left this year (Tailwind 10), so I’m now focussing on base training ready for next season. For many people, base training means focusing on strength and endurance. I really want to work on some speed in my running as this has been neglected this year. Over winter, I also want to work on my cycling and I may even fit in some muddy cross country fun.

Cycling in Ainokura, Japan in April 2015 ©Jeremy Hollinshead
Cycling in Ainokura, Japan in April 2015 ©Jeremy Hollinshead

I did some great cycling in the Algarve. My carbon bike is now going to be resigned to its new indoor home* for several months whilst I spend more time on my aluminium road bike. It has sturdier tyres, so I feel more secure on it in wet and icy conditions. I’ll also be doing some turbo and spin sessions. Which do you prefer? I’ve never been to a turbo training class, but I really enjoy group spinning.

I’m also a little tempted to try out cyclocross. I’d love to be able to do more off-road riding and am uncertain about whether I should save for a mountain bike or a cyclocross bike. I know that it should depend on what I’m using it for, but I don’t know yet. Any thoughts?

If you’re thinking about cycling throughout winter, please check out these two blogs that are full of great advice:


*my turbo room is currently a work in progress – as soon as it’s done, there will be a post about it. I’m so excited about it – I think it’s going to transform my training 😀

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