Slow jog at Southampton parkrun

24 Oct

It was so much fun to be back at Southampton parkrun today. It feels like I’ve been away for so long. I’m really struggling with my running at the moment. When I say this to a lot of my friends, they respond with something like, ‘But you’re so fit – you’ve been doing so much cycling and swimming’, which is true, but it just doesn’t translate into running fitness for me.

Stu and I arrived quite early, which was good because it gave me plenty of time to chat with friends before the run. I had a quick catch up with Trevor and Kim before heading over to the start. I then met up with Roelie and Aneta, who are also battling with their fitness.

The run started before we were ready, so I quickly clicked my Garmin and we started moving… slowly. Fortunately, we were in no hurry, so although the pace was slow the three of us made no effort to rush past others. As we headed up the hill, I saw Sergio and Gladys go past with their pushchair, but I have to admit that I didn’t recognise many people – mostly because it wasn’t the pace that I usually run at, but also because the three of us were so busy chatting and catching up on all of the exciting things that are going on for us at the moment.

Southampton parkrun is approximately a figure of eight course. As we were going slowly, by the time we had finished the first loop, the fastest runners had done the second loop and were heading to the finish, but I wasn’t too bothered. Sadly, after one lap, Roelie stopped as she had a calf twinge, so Aneta and I continued for the second lap.

Finally we neared the finish. In the final 20m, I looked at my watch and thought maybe I could finish in under 31 minutes, but I forgot that I had started my watch a bit late. I did a half-hearted sprint and then resumed my jog – final time: 31:06

Southampton parkrun 24 October 2015

Sadly, after a quick cuppa, we had to rush off as I needed to get my annual ‘flu injection, so I’m now tucked up at home relaxing and hoping that my stiff arm feels better soon.

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