Could you live without your car?

Abandoned and rusted cars

I love my bikes and cycle to work every day. It’s rare that the weather really causes me any problems that can’t be solved by putting on some waterproofs and I enjoy the quiet thinking time and exercise, although occasionally I have so much stuff to carry that even my sturdy panniers are challenged. I’ve also realised that it can be much faster to cycle in the city, rather than drive. However, there are also times when I’m grateful that I don’t have to live without my car. Could you live without your car?

A couple of years ago, the South Korean city of Suwon decided to ban cars for a month – here’s what happened:


A year on there were some lasting changes:

Would you like to live in a car-free neighbourhood?



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  1. Live without my car? I sold my car for a bike and ive never looked back! Cars have their purpose, and that’s hauling bikes and luggage. Other than that it’s bike all the way!

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