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I’ve been really bad at blogging recently (it’s the usual excuses – working hard, training hard, taking part in lots of events… and the little matter of trying to plan a house move), so I thought I’d take this opportunity to have a social media party. I’ll share my social media sites with you (so that you’ve not got any excuse for not following every detail of what I get up to!) If we’ve got stuff in common, then I’ll probably follow you back 🙂


This includes random images from my life, many of which are food shots or fitness-related (selfie time!) I also love to share images of race day bling.

My instagram
My Instagram


I share training related updates here and also videos relating to running, cycling, swimming and nutrition. It’s gone a bit quiet recently. What would you like to see here?

Facebook screenshot


I’m getting better at using Pinterest 🙂

My Pinterest


I LOVE Twitter and share regular updates here, but promise I won’t overwhelm you!

Twitter screenshot


This is an area of my social media that is perhaps a bit lacking. Does anyone want to watch videos of me? I’ve never tried vlogging, but if people are interested, then I’ll give it a go.


Garmin Connect

I log all of my activities on Garmin Connect – come and join me!

Garmin Connect

About me

If you’d like to find out a bit more about what I do as a day job, you can find that info on About.Me.

About Me


I love joining challenges on Strava and can also keep track of friends in various clubs here. I hate receiving ‘Uh oh! Someone stole your course record’ emails.

Strava screenshot


When I have some downtime, I really enjoy reading other people’s blogs.

Bloglovin' screenshot


RunBritain Rankings is a fun way of comparing how well I’m running with others based on age, gender, location, distance etc If you’re in the UK, make sure you sign up.

RunBritain screenshot


This is yet another way that I track my fitness activities – if you’re on RunKeeper, connect with me.

Runkeeper screenshot

Endomondo (closed in 2020)

Endomondo fan? Connect with me here… you even get to see one of my vintage karate photos!

Endomondo screen shot

Dailymile (closed in 2019)

…another sports tracker and another profile picture!

Daily Mile

GirlsGoneSporty (now defunct)

Girls Gone Sporty is a fantastic organisation. My profile there has links to my other profiles… but if you’re interested in promoting a sporty lifestyle, why not become an ambassador yourself.

Girls Gone Sporty screenshot

Are you going to join in with my Social Media Party?

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  1. I love how you did the screen caps with each link. What a brilliant idea! It made it more interesting to read! I’m also a GGS Ambassador
    I will be checking out your sites 🙂

    • It’s one of the reasons why I’ve failed at keeping my blog updated recently! I’m fortunate to have a job where social media is important, so I have time to learn all of the latest tips to keep me on top of things 🙂

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