Running with Liz as preparation for my first duathlon of 2015

Tamsyn and Liz at parkrun

My weekend started with a lie in. I dithered about whether or not to do parkrun as I’ve got Winchester Duathlon tomorrow, but the lure of my new kit was too much, so I got up, got dressed, admired my outfit in the mirror and then headed off to parkrun with Stu. When I arrived, I chatted with a few friends, including Teri and Becky and then spotted Liz. Liz is the cheeriest athlete I know – every event that she does is a ‘super adventure’, so I knew that if I ran with Liz I would be able to maintain a steady pace and have fun.

We lined up, just behind Rikki and soon we were off. Unfortunately, I realised that my new shorts are a little too big as every step with my inhaler in my pocket pulled my shorts down. I swiftly retrieved my inhaler, tucked it into my crop top and got moving.

parkrun 21 March 15 1
© Teri Pragnell

Doing the run at a very different pace from last week made for a fun and sociable experience. Liz and I chatted all the way around and had a great time. We waved to all of the marshals and posed a little bit for Teri and Kim who were marshalling at the bottom of the hill.

© Teri Pragnell
© Teri Pragnell

parkrun 21 March 15 3 parkrun 21 March 15 2

Liz had expected to complete the event in about 35 minutes and she was right:

My parkrun result email from 21 March 2015

Selfie Liz Winch Du

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