What will you be eating on Shrove Tuesday?

Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday, which is now often referred to as ‘Pancake Day’. For many people, this involves an evening of indulging in crepes topped with lemon and sugar… but it doesn’t have to be a fattening event.

There are lots of recipes for healthy savoury pancakes online, but I’m more interested in sweet pancakes.


Last year, the lovely folks at MyProtein.com sent me some maple syrup protein pancake mix to try. If you’ve been following my blog, you may have seen some of my earlier posts where I tried it out. It’s really easy to make, you just need some of the powder and some milk:


Heat some oil in a pan (I used coconut oil) and then pour some batter in.


If you’re a skilful cook lucky, then your pancake will turn out golden brown and even:



Alternatively, if your cooking skills aren’t quite up to scratch, you may end up with a slightly messier pancake, but I can guarantee that it will still taste delicious!



The mix that I used is the maple syrup flavour. It smells and tastes exactly like maple syrup, but there are several other flavours available:

  • Unflavoured
  • Chocolate
  • Golden syrup

Have a look at the great offers available on the website.

Are you going to have pancakes tomorrow? What’s your favourite topping/filling?

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  1. I love pancakes and I would top mine with peanut butter. I also enjoy bananas with the PB or if I am having Nutella, which we only have in the house at Christmas I like like strawberries with the chocolate. Mmmm.


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