My longest ever swim: 2km!

Today’s training consisted of a Run Camp session and a swim, with a bit of cycling thrown in to make it a full triathlon day.

I woke early at 5:30am, but that seemed like an indecent time to start the day, so I closed my eyes again until the alarm went off at 6am. After a bit of faffing around, I managed to leave the house at 6:17… which wasn’t early enough for me to arrive on time, so my warm up consisted of my run from my car to the track. I won’t go into the session in detail, but it involved a good mix of running and exercises. unfortunately, I had to bow out of some of the mountain climbers that we were set as I was feeling very light-headed. However, I didn’t get extra rest time, I had to do planks instead. I’ve missed Run Camp and was really pleased that I got to go along this morning as it’s such a sociable group.

At lunchtime, I headed over to the University pool for another workout set by Coach Ant:

  • 4-6 x 50m getting faster on each 50m
  • 12x25m as 25m Drill, 25m swim, 25m drill, 25m pull. Repeat three times.
  • 2x400m
  • 12×25 fast
  • 200m cool down


My swim workout
My swim workout

Technically, that’s 1900m, but I couldn’t resist doing another 100m to reach 2k as I’ve never swum that far before. I think I swam 2050m, but my Garmin didn’t record the two lengths that I did as kicking drills. It felt quite tough, but my shoulder is feeling a lot better now and my stroke count was close to what I would expect it to be.

My time for 2000m
My time for 2000m – it didn’t clock 25m!

I had been worried about the swim part of Challenge Weymouth, but I’ve got over 3 months of training left to do, so maybe it’ll be OK!

PB for swimming
It’s great to receive a notification like this one from RunKeeper

I also tracked all of my food intake today using MyFitnessPal 🙂 I’m getting used to how the app works and am hoping that it will help me to achieve my diet goals. I’m now adding in my own calorie data from my Garmin for exercise as I figure that it’s more accurate than what is in MFP, but it’s still not entirely accurate.

If you use MyFitnessPal, do you add in your exercise?

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