Ginger Girl Running: “Make the most of all opportunities.”

Tamsyn and Teri after parkrun

Teri is one of my friends who is training for her first marathon and blogging about the experience:

Giner Girl Running website
Giner Girl Running website © Teri Pragnell

•    Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a 40-something mum of 2 small children and I love to run. I also swim and cycle, taking part in my first triathlon and a half marathon in 2013. This gave me a huge sense of pride as I am not confident in water out of my depth and was terrified of lake swimming.

Teri had a full team of supporters at her first aquathlon
Teri had a full team of supporters at her first aquathlon

I started running in 2010 to do Great South Run to raise funds for a local charity, Friends of PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit). They saved my son’s life and I wanted to thank them. I intended to stop once GSR was over, but I got the bug. I may not be fast, but I love it. Running with my club (Lordshill Road Runners) is great as I get to meet new friends. I never thought I would do a marathon, but here I am training for London, the biggest marathon in the UK, if not the world… and for the same charity that started my running journey.


•    What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?

I have a First class Honours Degree in Maths… I forget this too! (This is something that I didn’t know and now I feel even more embarrassed that on our last long run, I may have mentioned my inability to explain the basic maths on an online course that I’m involved with – oops!)

•    How would you summarise what your blog is about?

My blog is about my marathon journey – both training and experiences getting to the finish line!

•    When and why did you start blogging? Are you still blogging for the same reasons?

I started a blog to learn how to use WordPress (I wanted Teri to help with one of my many projects, so I guess I’m to blame!) Then when I got a place for London Marathon, I was asked to blog about my progress. So I started blogging properly in Dec 2013.

•    Which three blogs/bloggers have had the most influence on you and why? Are there any particular bloggers that you look to for inspiration?

I have only read a couple of blogs, but ones that I enjoy are James (Running – One step at a time), Julian’s and yours. I don’t tend to read blogs of people I don’t know unless a friend shares a blog of interest.

•    How would someone describe your blogging style?

Factual – I’m still learning the best way to write it.

•    What tips would you give to anyone thinking about starting to blog?

I don’t think I am in a position to do this yet!

Map reading
Teri and Meryl having a go at map reading

•    Who do you think the main audience is for your blog? Are you writing with any specific person in mind?
Friends who want to follow my training and people interested from Friends of PICU.

•    How do you decide what is ‘blogworthy’?
Anything related to my training – I think of it more as a diary.

•    What do you find most challenging about blogging?

I think it might get a bit tedious after several weeks of repeating the same things, for me the writer and the audience.

•    What do you do when you aren’t blogging?

Exercise or have family time. I also enjoy the “occasional” glass or two of wine.

•    What events have you got lined up for 2014?

London marathon, Bramley 20, Eastleigh 10k, Reading Half Marathon, Eastleigh tri.

•    What skill(s) do you hope to master over the next year?

Learning Agile development at work. Improving my cycling ability.

Garmin 410
Garmin 410

•    What is your favourite gadget and why?

Garmin forerunner 410 … Love to see my progress.

•    What’s the furthest from home you’ve travelled for a sporting event?

Oxford to participate in Blenheim tri or Manchester to watch Man U play!

•    What’s your favourite food/recipe?

A really good rare steak with pepper sauce. Hot chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream.

•    What is your strategy for dealing with an injury? Have you ever had to put it into practice?

Rest and ice, foam roll and do a different exercise. Get physio if a bad injury. I’ve had to do this twice in the past 18 months.

•    Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions?

Go to the toilet … lots!

Posing before Stubbington 10k with Teri
Posing before Stubbington 10k with Teri © Steve Robinson

•    Describe your philosophy for life in a six-word sentence…

Believe and you can do it!

•    What is the most important advice that you can give to readers?

Make the most of all opportunities.
Self-belief and confidence are the most important things to have if you want to succeed.
Set realistic goals.

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