Run Leading… on a bike

18 Feb

This evening I tried Run Leading on a bike for the first time as I thought it would be sensible to give my legs a break after yesterday’s 23 miles. It was actually quite an enjoyable experience. The hill on Southampton Common that I absolutely hate when I’m doing parkrun is much more manageable on a bike going at a runner’s pace. I’ve also realised that I’ve done about 23k on my bike today, which might not sound like much, but it’s the distance that I’ll need to do in my duathlon 😀

The best part of Run Leading on a bike was that I was easily able to hold a conversation and encourage other people without being the slightest bit out of breath myself; the worst part was the fact that I wore my running trainers and I got really cold feet!

I went to the coaching meeting this evening. I managed not to eat in the pub, but I did have a hot chocolate as I was so cold. When I got home, I had soup with a slice of rye bread and a yoghurt. Perhaps not a perfect dinner, but better than I thought I would eat.

I also received a great email this evening telling me that I can have a place in the Heartbreak Half on Sunday. It will be my first race as a veteran as I’ll be 35 on the day. I’ve asked Irene if she’d like me as a running buddy, so hopefully she’ll say yes.

Tomorrow morning I’m doing a 2k time trial at Run Camp 🙂

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