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Technology and running

Do you let technology dictate your training or are you happy to run ‘naked’? I recently read this New York Times article: For Fitness Bands, Slick Marketing but Suspect Results My sister and my work colleague both wear Fitbits and a triathlete friend recently revealed that he wears a Garmin Read more…

“Have some electrolytes and eat a piece of kale…”

Tri club swim hat with goggles and Garmin

This week I’ve fitted in a lot of sessions including pyramid training in the pool and at the track and some time on my bike. I’ve also done some hurdling. Anyway, before we get into that, I wanted to share something funny. I just love the latest video from IFHT: Read more…

90-96 is the magic number

Tamsyn's sprint finish with Irene at Eastleigh 10k

🙁 I had just about psyched myself up to enter Ferndown tri, when my husband delivered some bad news… he is unable to accompany me as he has a won a place in Bournemouth marathon, which is on the same day. I’m a little disappointed as I had hoped we Read more…