A new cross country league race

Tamsyn running in a cross country race. She is wearing shorts and a Lordshill Road Runners vest.

I did my first cross country race since early 2017 today. I was pleased that I went out and did it, but the photos show just how much weight I’ve put on in the last couple of years. I’ve decided that I’m going to try to do all of the CC6 races this season.

My goals

I had three goals for this race:

  • Complete the race
  • Not be last
  • Maintain the distance between the other runners

I tried to start at a pace that I thought I could maintain, but I was probably a bit optimistic. It wasn’t long before I was slowing down and I could see most of the runners disappearing into the distance. I noticed a couple of female runners from another club who were about 50m ahead of me 500m in, so I decided that I would try to keep pace with them.

Tamsyn running in the New Forest. She is wearing a Lordshill Road Runners vest.

I knew there were some runners behind me, so as long as I kept pushing I would not finish last. That thought kept me going.

Would I finish in last place?

Around 5km into the race, I heard footsteps catching up on me from behind. I had been running on my own for quite some time and realised that I must have been daydreaming and that my pace had dropped off. I started running faster. The footsteps were growing closer. My pace was approx 6:17/km but still the steps grew closer. I had been told that the race was over 4.5 miles long, so I knew we weren’t bear to the finish. What was happening?

Then I heard a male runner say hello to me. It was Steve, a fellow LRR and another male runner. Steve had started late and was trying to catch up. Phew! I hadn’t lost focus and slowed down!

So, I knew I wasn’t last and I was not falling further behind the pair of female runners ahead of me. I just had one goal left: to finish the race.

Tamsyn running towards the finish of a cross country race.

How did I do in this cross country race?

I was so pleased when I crossed the finish line. There were a few LRRs there, including Steve. I told him how he had startled me.

I think it was probably my worst ever finish position – I was 72/78 – but I achieved all three of my goals.

I really enjoyed this cross country race and am looking forward to the next one in November. I am also grateful to Jill and Malcolm for giving me a lift to the race.

I’ve entered the London Marathon ballot (again!)

When I got home, I watched some of the London Marathon. I also entered the London Marathon ballot again. I’ve entered every year since 2011 and have never been successful. One day, I’ll get a place!

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