Monday Morning Motivation: Gareth Yeoman

Close up of Gareth Yeoman wearing a red parkrun 50 t-shirt.

Jessica’s parkrun Heroes included the story of Gareth Yeoman. It was an episode that resonated with me as Gareth has battled with his weight for many years. parkrun and other forms of exercise have transformed his life.

Welshman Gareth had struggled with his weight since his teens. He’d heard the cruel taunts, he’s even hidden away. This is about how he changed his life motivated by his love for his family. He tested his powers of endurance & his unbreakable spirit.

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  1. Mondays are definetly the hardest to get up and go for a run, especially from where I am from (Washington) its ALWAYS raining! your running blogs have inspiried me to just get up and throw my running shoes on and get out the door before I change my mind!!

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