Monday Morning Motivation: The Distance

Jim Walmsley

The Distance is a short film from TRUE MVMNT about ultrarunner Jim Walmsley. He’s quickly risen through the ranks of trail running, blowing past old records on his way. Walmsley knows the importance of listening to your mind and body during training. From the food he eats to the trails he runs, it all impacts his race performance.


There’s no quick end to the suffering during a hundred mile race. Whether it’s fast or slow everybody out there is going to bleed. It’s knowing that slowing down or stopping is not going to end it. It’s
only conquering the distance that’s rewarding.
A hundred miles – that’s the distance that people are truly getting tested at. It’s just a pinnacle of our sport. Thinking about the next battle and not wanting to lose.
I have to make this work otherwise I need to pack my bags up and do something different.
It takes a lot of discipline and dedication and consistency. Listening to your body. Listening to what you need. All about just getting out in the wilderness and feeling alone and solitude. I get that a lot in the mountains. I want to do things that people have never done.
On October 4, 2016, Jim Walmsley ran the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim and back in 5 hours and 55 minutes, faster than any human in history.

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