Leamington parkrun with the parkrun Ambassadors

Parkrun Annual Conference delegates at Leamington parkrun

As part of the parkrun Ambassadors’ Conference, we were taken by coach to Leamington parkrun.

Tamsyn and Gil at parkrun Ambassadors Conference Tamsyn and Gil at parkrun Ambassadors Conference

Some people chose to run there… and an unlucky coachload worried that they would have to run there as their coach broke down. Fortunately, there was room for them to squeeze onto the other coaches.

We arrived in plenty of time. I’d chosen to wear my new 250 t-shirt, whereas the majority of other ambassadors were wearing their apricot t-shirts, representing their home parkruns.

Panoramic view at the start of Leamington parkrun

As you can see, it was a beautiful sunny morning… although perhaps a little too warm for running.Chatting before the start of Leamington parkrun

Another way of identifying parkrun Ambassadors was to look for the pink parkrun sunglasses!

Waiting at the start of Leamington parkrun

Most of the recent runs at Leamington have had 500 or so participants, so we definitely added to that number. There were 764 runners.

Plenty of apricot t-shirts at Leamington parkrun

Everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity to chat with other runners about their home events. There was also a lot of discussion about the facilities available to Leamington parkrun. The barn that you can see in the picture below houses toilets. It is also possible for the parkrun kit (flags, finish funnel etc) to be stored there. They also have basic facilities for refreshments.

Parkrun Annual Conference delegates at Leamington parkrun

Before the start, some ambassadors posed holding up letters that spelled out the hashtag ‘#loveparkrun’. It was a fun touch and something that could easily be emulated at other events.

I felt a little sorry for the Run Director. During his briefing, he commented that it felt a little bit like a teacher having to address a roomful of OFSTED inspectors.

The Run Director at Leamington parkrun

I didn’t take any photos during my run. It’s a lovely 1 lap course with views across the countryside. It’s also tough.

Undulating suggests some beautiful gentle slopes. Leamington is definitely hilly. There were some steep climbs where a lot of people were walking. It’s also entirely off-road. As the weather has been so hot, a lot of the grass/ground has turned to dust and it affected my breathing.

I really enjoyed having a chatty parkrun, socialising with Lucy and some of the other ambassadors from Brighton.

The finish was very busy. Luckily, the amabassadors all know the drill, so everyone stayed in line and waited patiently to receive their finish token, before heading over to the barcode scanners.

Barcode scanning at Leamington parkrunYou can just about see the multiple finish funnels at Leamington parkrun

I had hoped that I would finish in under 30 minutes, but it wasn’t to be.

Leamington parkrun 07 July 18 result

Maybe I’ll be able to come back and achieve a PB at some time.

Have you done any parkrun tourism recently?

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  1. What a crowd! I’m not surprised you didn’t get under 30; I’d say it took ten minutes to work your way through the throng! 250 plus parkruns is epic!

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