Are you feeling lucky? Phoenix Fit UK elastic laces review and giveaway

Phoenix fit UK elastic laces in Stuart's shoes

I’ve been lucky enough to have some new laces to try recently. This blog post is my Phoenix Fit UK elastic laces review.

Phoenix fit UK elastic laces
Phoenix fit UK elastic laces

They come in a wide range of colours. This pair especially appealed to me as they match my favourite trainers… which match my Team SOAS kit.

My favourite Brooks with elastic laces

I have tried various elastic lace systems in the past, but the first pair that I bought was very cheap and so stretchy that my shoes kept slipping off. The next pair that I tried were OK for a while, but I found that if I ran for longer distances (over 10k), my feet started to swell and my shoes became too tight. In consequence, I’ve been searching for a perfect replacement for a little while.

Benefits of using elastic laces

There are lots of benefits to using Phoenix Fit UK elastic laces:

  • You never have to stop to tie your shoelaces. This is an essential time-saving element in triathlon as no-one wants to waste precious seconds in T2 (the bike to run transition), but it can also be the difference between getting a PB or not in a running race. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve seen someone have to stop during parkrun (or a race) to retie their laces… or worse yet, trying to struggle on with their laces untied, whilst I’m panicking that they’re going to trip and fall! This can also be a huge benefit if you have a child who hasn’t yet learnt to tie their shoe-laces or an elderly relative who struggles with fastening their shoes.
  • They’re really quick and easy to put into your shoes. I had put one pair in an ordinary pair of trainers, but I wanted to wear my blue/turquoise shoes for my aquathlon. I completely forgot to lace them before going to the event. Luckily, I was able to lace up both shoes in just a few minutes after I had arrived at the race venue.
  • They’re easy to adjust. Pressing the ergonomic lock button releases the laces, so you can easily make your shoes looser or tighter.
  • They’re really comfortable. As a runner who’s currently 7.5 months pregnant, I know what it’s like to have feet that swell at random. These laces are extremely comfortable and I know there’s no risk of getting hotspots and sore patches where my laces have been too tight.

Easy to use

This short video shows just how easy Phoenix Fit UK elastic laces are to install:

Stuart’s verdict

My partner, Stu, is just a couple of weeks out from his first Ironman, so he has been looking for the perfect laces. He chose to add a pair of the laces in white to his Brooks shoes that he uses for distance running:

Close up of Phoenix fit UK elastic lace

Phoenix fit UK elastic laces in Stuart's shoes
Phoenix fit UK elastic laces in Stuart’s shoes

Since putting the laces into his shoes, Stuart has worn them for quite a few long (10 miles+) training runs. I managed to get a couple of pictures of Stu out running with those shoes on:

Stuart running 1

Stuart running 2
Stuart running

Stuart is a very different runner from me – he’s got good technique and can comfortably ‘jog’ a hilly marathon in under 3:25. I asked him what he thought of the laces, and this is how he responded:

“They give a more consistent tightness than standard elastic laces. I will definitely be wearing them for triathlons in the future. They were quite easy to install, although I found putting the ends on quite fiddly… but that’s a one-off job, so it didn’t bother me”

Close up of Phoenix Fit UK elastic laces toggles
Close up of Phoenix Fit UK elastic laces toggles

So, what do you think? For me, it’s free speed for my next triathlon 🙂


I’m hosting a Phoenix fit UK elastic laces giveaway, so please enter for a chance to get your hands on “the ultra-tough elastic lace system.”

I have three pairs of laces to give away. The winners will be able to choose from the following colours (depending on availability).

colour choices

Phoenix Fit UK giveaway

The giveaway runs from 12:00am on Monday, August 8th 2016 to 12:00am on Monday, August 22nd. Full terms and conditions are available at the link below:

Fat Girl to Ironman ‘Phoenix Fit UK Competition’ TERMS and CONDITIONS

No purchase necessary. Entrants must be resident in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The winner will be picked at random by Rafflecopter and announced on this blog by Wednesday, August 24th.











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  1. I’ve tried elastic laces before and whilst I’m still reticent to call myself any form of ‘athlete’ in the strictest sense of the word, I found that I ended up with pins and needles where they were too tight. Really interested in the comment ‘more consistent tightness than standard elastic laces’.

    I’ll defo give them a try, I’ve got one shoe with normal lacing, one with heel-lock loop and I can’t decide if either works. Maybe I’m just to picky!

    • I found that I couldn’t adjust the elastic laces with little knots on them easily enough and whilst they seemed OK when I put them in my shoes, they ended up rubbing after running 10k+

  2. am just starting going running after losing 3st in weight and find normal laces a slight hassle, would love to try these

  3. Hello ! Thanks for your review, I hope you to continue and to post some other ! 🙂

  4. I’d love these elastic laces. I’m forever stopping to do up my normal laces when out running…I can’t understand how they come loose so easily as I always double up on the bow? 😉

  5. Oh, I like that there are so many colors to choose from! I got something similar for my cycling shoes and love them. Haven’t tried them for running shoes yet.

  6. I’ve only got back into running this years after having 3 children, I am now trying to increase my distance so these would be a lovely little treat for me

  7. I would love these for my half marathon training, I am always having to stop to the my laces which is so annoying.

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