Monday Morning Motivation – I also know the off-side rule

4 Jul

This Girl Can advert

Too often we make assumptions about what people can/cannot do and what they might know. I’ve experienced this when visiting bike shops. All too often the male sales assistant will patronise me and assume that I know nothing about bikes – I might not be an expert, but you can guarantee that I’ll have read up on what I want.

Some great advice that I was given was to assume that someone knows an average amount and then ask a few questions to see whether you need to pitch your discussion higher or lower.


One Response to “Monday Morning Motivation – I also know the off-side rule”

  1. bgddyjim 04/07/2016 at 7:39 pm #

    However, sadly, most people who walk into a bike shop, the VAST majority, are complete idiots who thing WD-40 is a perfectly acceptable chain lube. Male or female. Seen it, laughed about it (the patrons have been male every time I’ve witnessed it).

    Humorously, you make the mistake of assuming that it’s your gender at work. It’s not. 95% of everyone a bike shop employee sees is an idiot. Possibly slightly higher for women but it’s negligible.

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