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Instructions on how to wear a Buff

Although I own a car, I rarely drive it as most of the places that I want to go to are an easy cycle commute from my house. Every day, I cycle to work. Although it’s only a couple of miles, it’s quite a good workout as it is hilly. However, I need to be prepared for all weather, which is why I always have a Buff with me.

A Buff is an amazing product. It’s small enough to stow in a pocket and there are many diagrams that show you how easy it is to wear:

How to wear a Buff

My husband tends to wear his as a headband in winter – either to keep his ears warm or to cushion his head if he’s wearing a head torch.

My preferred option is to wear my Buff as a neckerchief. I sometimes pull it up over my face to cover my mouth and nose when it is very cold. I have asthma and this helps me when the air is very cold.

Tamsyn wearing a Buff

Buffs are great when travelling. They can easily be packed or tucked into a pocket and they have a multitude of uses. Many people think of using them in cold weather, but they’re also useful in summer. Just dip them in water and put them on to help keep you cool!

There are various versions of the Buff available, including UV options and insect repellant ones. You can also get ones with a little peak that can be worn as a cap. There are some female variants and also Buffs for children, but generally, it’s ‘one size fits all’.

My only criticism is that it would be nice if the print were double-sided.

Have you ever worn a buff? What’s your favourite way to wear it?

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