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In the last week, I’ve seen loads of adverts on Facebook about losing weight through running. Whilst I believe that starting to run can help to kickstart weight loss for many people, it’s not usually a long-term solution for weight loss… if it were then I’d be wasting away by now!

However, that doesn’t mean that running and weight loss are incompatible. A 2014 study by Cornell University showed that runners who have fun lose more weight than those who take their training seriously (source: birthorderplus.com). Here is a summary of the research:

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One of the reasons why I love running is because I view it as a sociable activity. Even when I’m pushing myself hard in a race, I know that there will be time to chat with friends before and after the event and if I’m doing a long run then I see it as a chance to have a conversation with a friend for a couple of hours. When else do you get that kind of opportunity?

Has running helped you to lose weight? Was that one of the reasons why you took up running?


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  1. ‘Can only speak personally (I was always slim enough) but the running can help with weight, though it’s not my main concern. I run with a mate every Sunday. We always have a large hot chocolate afterwards, and maybe a slice of cake. I could count the calories if I could be arsed, but I still reckon I’m still in the black on that score, and the positive mental health benefits are not tallied on any scale you can find on the back of any packet. At the end of the day, are you enjoying yourself? And is what you are doing some gargantuan effort, or is it just the way you live your life. It needs to be sustainable. A little bit of training, a sensible approach to eating, and the rest takes care of itself. I get flogged enough at work; I sure as hell don’t want to flog myself in my spare time 😉
    (I use the word ‘you’ in the plural sense. Those French were on to something!)

    • I’m completely with you on the mental health side. I’ve had so much on in the last fortnight that I’ve not been able to go running and I’m definitely not feeling as positive as usual – thank goodness tomorrow is parkrunday! 🙂

    • Thank you for sharing this. I stumbled on this blog while looking for others that are into making better choices and changing their own lives. I changed to a better eating pattern about five weeks ago and have lost a significant bit of weight. However, you always ask yourself if you are doing the right thing. It’s good to read something that confirms you are on the right track!

  2. Im also there with you. I have been running for 2 years now and i have toned up but not lost weight since about a yaer and a half later.

  3. Running really helps when I’ve got too much on my mind it opens so much new perspectives for me…but true that it does not help for all the weight losing needs.

  4. yes i agree, its more fun with a friend. you may find yourself doing longer distances this way.

  5. At one point I was doing HIT training on the treadmill, and it helped some. What helped the most was changing my diet but its hard to stick to it! Maybe not for all of us, but I’m in search of ways to stick to plans easier!


  6. Love the comment on how running can be a social activity. I feel like so many people view running as done suffering by yourself when it doesn’t have to be. Great perspective and great post!

  7. Unfortunately, I’m currently not able to become a runner. I have issues with my knees which can’t be cured but it can be hidden by training a lot. Running isn’t a training I can do just yet though as I can only keep it up for about a minute or so.

  8. Thanks for the article! I’m just starting to run myself! I’ve lost 25 pounds though diet and walking. I need to lose about 25 more. I just started running because I want to be more toned and I wanted to up my exercise routine =) I’ll try to remember to have fun with it =)

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