My fifteen minutes

New Embrace website

I’ve found myself in the media not once, but twice this week. I definitely feel like I’m having my fifteen minutes of fame!

First up was a discreet image from the lovely new Embrace Sports website. This is the company that Stuart and I use when we want to go on a training holiday. I was browsing the site and dreaming of a lovely holiday (that probably won’t happen due to having a new kitchen) when this image popped up:

New Embrace website.jpg
© Embrace Sports

I’m at the bottom left of the photo wearing glasses (which is how I know it’s quite an old pic as I’ve not worn glasses for over a year now!) The person at the top left is Alan who is a fantastic triathlete and professional sports model. Maybe I can legitimately claim that I was in an advert with a proper sports model 😉

Appearing in the Daily Echo

My second moment of fame came yesterday. About six weeks ago, I was interviewed by Mike, a reporter at Southampton Daily Echo. Nothing seemed to come of it, so I thought my story had been shelved. then I received a text message from a friend last night who said that his girlfriend had seen me in the Echo. I was a little surprised, so I went and had a look and sure enough, there I was!

Daily Echo news story.jpg

The feature originally came about after I won the Blogging Edge Sports Blogger of the Year award and before voting closed for the Bloggers’ Lounge Health and Fitness Blogger of the Year award closed. Since then, I’ve been nominated in both the ‘Health and Social Care’ and ‘Lifestyle’ categories of the UK Blog Awards 2016. Voting closes on Monday 25th January 2016 at 9pm!

Have you had your fifteen minutes of fame? What did you do?

Southampton Daily Echo article

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