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Solent Athlete

Although I have been planning and training, I’ve really struggled to get my motivation back. I think I overdid it last year and have felt fatigued since October. I realised that having a clear schedule and working out with a team of others with similar goals would help to get me back to where I wanted to be, so I’ve signed up to Solent Athlete‘s ‘Ready to Race Running Course’.

Solent Athlete

The course is 13 weeks long and features:

Two coached running sessions a week, programmed to suit your goals and targets. These sessions are Tuesdays 18.30-19.30 and Thursdays 19.30-20.30. All sessions are at Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre.
Running technique analysis
One programmed strength and conditioning workout per week, and a weekly mobility plan.
One programmed longer duration run, usually based on either a tempo or time trial effort.
Monthly gym open clinic to work on any issues regarding the strength and conditioning or mobility programmes in person.
Access to the Solent Athlete Running Private Facebook Group
In person and email contact and accountability to your coach.

I’m really excited about getting started. I know that I’m a long way off peak fitness, but think that if I can do well at Southampton Half Marathon then it won’t be as difficult for me to be race ready for Long Course Weekend in July.

Do you prefer to train with others or do you workout alone?

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  1. I enjoy solo training but also need some support at times to push myself a bit. My performance is always better when I train with others. So I am part of an adventure racing squad . It’s based 100km (60 miles) from my house but it’s worth the drive once a week or fortnight to get up there and have a solid session.

    • It’s definitely worth the travel time to spend your time with people who have a similar mindset and interests. When karate was my obsession, I used to rush home from work early once a fortnight to meet my karate instructor and other karateka and then we all drove to another city to train with a great instructor. The whole thing was 3 hours of travelling, but the cameraderie made me feel really motivated.

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