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Just before Christmas I was given the chance to try Purition. I decided that it wouldn’t be fair to try it at a time when my meals were a little chaotic, so I started trying it this week – my first week back at work. I’m back on track and planned out all of my meals for the week. I usually eat similar things every day, so this would let me know whether Purition would keep me full.


I decided to start my trial with one of the products that I was most interested in – the almond flavoured shake.

Purition almond flavoured

The guidance that came with the shakes was that they should be mixed with some type of milk and that anyone who prefers a smoother shake should use a blender.

I rarely drink cow’s milk, so I thought that almond milk would be the most appropriate milk to use, and I got out my trusty nutribullet as I knew that it would help to produce a smooth drink.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, so was very pleasantly surprised by my first sip. It had a beautiful, natural taste, but it wasn’t overwhelming – I love marzipan, but didn’t want a marzipan drink! It was smooth and creamy. When I mixed the packet with 250ml milk, it almost filled a pint glass… but I could have happily drunk more as it was so delicious.

The big test was going to be whether I found it filling enough to have as my breakfast. I usually eat 3 scrambled eggs or 30g porridge oats with some ground almonds and dried apricots or a scoop of protein shake, followed by an apple with peanut butter at 10:30am  and then lunch at about 1pm. The Purition was fantastic – I wasn’t any more hungry than usual at 10:30am and didn’t feel like I was waiting for my lunch, so that’s a win.

Tuesday morning was going to be a bit of a challenge. My team has a monthly ‘breakfast meeting’. However, it’s not a typical corporate breakfast meeting where some limp croissants and a carton of orange juice are provided as a bleak incentive to make employees arrive at work early for a dull meeting. Our breakfast meetings are held in one of the student restaurants and they are an opportunity for us to catch up with colleagues outside of our team in an informal setting, so they are very popular and great fun. They also take place at 9am, so they don’t require an early start.

I didn’t want to miss the catch up, but wanted to keep trying the protein shakes, so I decided to compromise.

I selected the chocolate flavour and again made it with almond milk. I then popped a lid on the shake and put it in my bag to take it with me to work. Whilst my friends tucked into their full Englishes, I had my shake.

Chocolate purition

So, what did I think of it? I liked it, but I didn’t think it tasted like chocolate. I can’t describe what it tasted like and it was enjoyable, but I think that if you were after a chocolate hit, you might be disappointed. It also didn’t seem as creamy as the almond one.

So far I had played it safe, so I decided to experiment a little on Wednesday. I decided to blend the raw vegan hemp sachet with some frozen raspberries, frozen mango and some almond milk.

raw vegan hemp purition

purition shake

I quickly realised that 250ml milk would not be enough liquid to make a shake, so I added a little more.

I will admit that the finished product didn’t look especially appetising, but it tasted fine. It was nice to have the addition of frozen fruit as it gave it a sweet flavour, but also made it cool. I don’t think that this is a flavour that I would choose to have again, but it did keep me full until lunchtime.

I was really looking forward to trying the other three flavours, but I’ve now come down with a heavy cold (which I attribute to being run down and going back to work – as an international university it’s a melting pot of germs!) I’ve completely lost my appetite and have no sense of taste or smell, so I’m not able to review the remaining three flavours now. I hope that I’m better tomorrow and can restart. So far, the almond flavour is a clear winner and I am likely to purchase it in the future.

Have you tried Purition? What did you think? Which flavour is your favourite?

3 Responses

  1. Oooh never heard of them!

    Love finding out about new products.

    Wow-it kept you full until your snack time. That is great! I workout 1st thing in the morning so typically I have my protein shake around 7ish and by 9 I am ravenous and that is when I will have my egg whites and oatmeal.

    Thanks for the info-lots of good flavors!

  2. Did anyone see the ‘Trust Me, I’m a Doctor’ episode on protein shakes? Interesting, if slightly flawed, conclusions. Worth watching for a lot of us who are trying to keep fit and work out without the expert guidance of a qualified coach.

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