Monday Morning Motivation: Your ambition #ispossible

Jamal Edwards

In this short film, Jamal Edwards expands on the lessons he has learned about mentorship and directs these to both his younger self and the audience. We watch him bike around the council estate where his journey first began while he relays the importance of building a support network for himself.

They say it’s impossible. The teachers will say that you lack concentration, but once you’ve discovered your passion you’ll never lack focus again. You can’t be scared of failure. Failure is not trying. No matter what you do, there will always be doubters – just don’t become one of them. Surround yourself with believers. Some of the strongest voices in your life are already around you. They’ll be the ones who have your back, when times are hard. And when you don’t know which road to take, reach out to those who have always been there. Be patient. Find opportunity in everything. It’s all about self-belief. You never know what small gift could change your life. Stay humble. Keep your feet on the ground. There are those who look at things and ask ‘Why?’ I say dream of  things that never were, and ask ‘Why not?’ Your ambition is possible.

How are you making your ambition possible?

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