First PB of 2015 at Salisbury 10 Mile

Salisbury 10 race number

My first PB (or PR for my American friends) was at Salisbury 10 mile on March 8th.

I met several friends at number collection, and was also snapped by the official photographer whilst getting ready:

Salisbury number

I ran Salisbury 10 with my friend, Pete, who is coming back from injury, so we both appreciated having some company. Pete is better at going uphill than I am, but I think I had the edge on the downhills.

In previous years, I’ve grumbled about the lack of water at this race, but this year, it wasn’t a problem.

I wasn’t in many official photographs at this race, but there was one with Pete that made me laugh. He’s usually such a gentleman, but in this pic, it looks like he’s trying to pinch my bottom!


My asthma started to fight back in the last couple of miles, so Pete went on and I did the best I could.

I was pleased when I finally saw LRR Captain Emily by the track.

Salisbury 1


…and even more pleased when I finally made it onto the track. I absolutely love track running, but knew that I needed to wait until the last 150m before I tried to sprint.

Salisbury 3Salisbury4Salisbury5Salisbury6

Sadly, there are no photos of my sprint finish, but I know that it happened!

I was really pleased with my final result:

Salisbury 10 2015

A chip time of 1:26:09 is 1:35 off my previous best. I still think I can do better, so maybe next year, I’ll be able to achieve <1:25.

I placed 128/293 women and was 46/102 in the FV35 category, so I managed to make the top 50%, which is always my goal.

Here’s my activity file:

I was also pleased to receive a lovely technical t-shirt at the end of the race:

Salisbury tshirt

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