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What got you started with running/cycling/swimming etc in the first place? Does that same goal still motivate you now? If you’re not already a runner, is it on your list of New Year’s Resolutions? Don’t wait – why not start now?

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  1. Watching my sister swim a leg of a triathlon at a ymca camp. I had never seen her swim before–and she was a frigging human torpedo! I decided that since i had just gotten divorced and no longer played softball, i needed something. That is my story!

      • Ha ha ha! That is hilarious! :-). She has neen swimming competitivelly since grade school. I jusy learned a few years ago. I seam the same leg of the tii at the ymca camp against her 10 year old daughter eho came from behond to beat me. :-). I wouldn’t stamd a chamce. 🙂

          • She has taught me so much. Just a fee years ago it took me 35 strokes to get doen a 25 yard lane! But yes, i will probably never catch her. As far as her daughter? She has THE most perfect stroke i have ever seen. :-). And she is super competitive. After we finished she said, “once i saw you, I knew i could beat you!” :-).

    • That’s as good a reason as any. I’m finding it really hard not to be able to do any exercise at the moment. I can’t remember the last time that I had this long off. Even my holidays are usually training camps! 🙂

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