Monday Morning Motivation – From Fat Man to Ironman

Dan Hyatt wearing a wetsuit
Dan Hyatt
Dan Hyatt

This week’s motivation comes courtesy of Dan Hyatt, who managed to lose nearly 10 stone (135lbs) to put him on the path to a healthier life and much closer to his goal of becoming an ironman. You can learn more about Dan’s story here:

2 Replies to “Monday Morning Motivation – From Fat Man to Ironman”

  • Yes, it can be done. I have lost over 50 pounds on my journey to becoming an Ironman, and I have met countless others who have shared similar journeys. It is inspirational at an ironman event to share so many stories of change and hope…

  • I’d like to lose another 25lbs, but it’s challenging at the moment and I’m not as focused as I need to be, but I’m certain that it can be done 🙂

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