Embrace Sports Easy 10k run in Lagos

Rain on a window

The original plan was to do a run from Luz to Burgau with an optional boat excursion, but it was raining quite heavily, so we stayed in for a little while, before deciding to do a drizzly 10km run around Lagos instead.


It was quite wet. I was glad to have Pamela to keep me company on the run and keep me motivated. It wasn’t super-quick, but I was happy enough to do 10km in an hour at the end of a tough week.

When we got back, we did a bit of foam rolling. This caused much hilarity as some people hadn’t used foam rollers before the holiday.



Then, it was out to the pool for a bit of volleyball.

IMG_3491 IMG_3492 IMG_3493



Some people went to Luz for scones, whilst others stayed behind to watch the Great British Bake Off on TV. It doesn’t sound too much like ‘Party Camp’, does it? I had intended to watch TV. However, after settling down in the other room with a drink, some magazines and good company, I ended up missing it.

Later in the day, we each had a chat with Neil. This was to confirm what we were planning to do for our targeted runs. My aim was to run 13.1 miles at as close to PB pace as possible. If I couldn’t do that, I definitely wanted to finish in under 2 hours. Neil showed me a great app (Run PaceCalc), which makes it easy to calculate paces (in metric or imperial).

In the evening, we had a pool competition – not swimming, but snooker. I was fairly rubbish, but not the worst. It was quite a fun way to end the evening.


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