Monday Morning Motivation – Heart (the pregame speech)

An empty locker room.

I love this pregame speech.

Every once in a while, it’s good to take a look inside. A good hard look. Go ahead. Peel back the shell and look at your heart.

What do you see?

Look inside that body of yours. You feel its strength? Trust me, it’s there. It’s hidden behind fear, hesitation and the walls which others erect around you. Trust me, it is right there. You need to let it out.

Push yourself just a little bit more.

Here’s the thing. What makes you so great?

Because look at your competition. You see the fire that burns in their eyes? You’re not the only one with passion. I mean we’re all here to win it.

What will you do every day to ensure success? Because sure you’ll fail. You’ll fall. You’ll come within an inch of your life. And, you’ll triumph. I know you will.

You’ll become the best there is. And it’s because of them.

You see this man? This woman? What about him? What about her?

They’re with you. They’ve got your back. They lead your forward. They catch you and lift you and travel with you to the top, the summit, the very pinnacle of sport.

Can you see it? I’m seeing far off now, too steep to climb, take a look inside, a good hard look in their eyes, in their hearts. You’ll make it. You all will. I know it.

When all hearts beat as one, behold your destiny.

A seventeen-piece ensemble. You’re part of something bigger than yourself. It’s bigger than her and him. What you have now is stronger and more powerful and blazing with a greater passion than any single heart could muster. Today is your day. All of you.

Look inside the University of Miami and you will see your place. You are a hurricane today.  A Hurricane forever.

“What will you do every day to ensure success?”

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